Make a planner’s day with répondez s’il vous plait
RSVP instructions are not an optional response. Planners need to know the number of attendees. › Read more
Star power shines with proper planning
Well-known people can boost an event but heed these steps when booking speakers. › Read more
Do big-name speakers boost events?
A well-known speaker certainly elevates the profile of your event. But does it raise money and awareness for your organization? › Read more
Planners find (more) resources at Visit Knoxville
From bullets to bacon, Visit Knoxville will get it done. › Read more
Event planners find resources at Visit Knoxville
EventCheck Knox checked in with Visit Knoxville to find out exactly what the organization offers event planners. › Read more
Tale of two birthday cakes
The cake maker matters. And this story takes the cake. › Read more
Stay calm when the calendar is covered
With the pending arrival of warm weather, planners heat up with events filling their calendars. › Read more
Lions and tigers and bears, oh no!
Thinking about adding animals to your event for a little pizzazz? Read this first! › Read more
Location, location, location
Convenience. Cost. Creativity. Those are three guiding principles for planners when deciding where to hold an event. › Read more
Who’s on first … planners must know
When I think about communication, or the lack thereof, my mind immediately goes to “Who’s on first?” – the classic Abbott and Costello comedy sketch about the names of baseball players. › Read more
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