Marketing experts outline social media promotion
Social media matters before, during and after events. › Read more
Gay Lyons: Got trash? Recycle it!
Gay Lyons explains how, with a little planning, all events can go green. › Read more
Find balance between focus and fun
Dual-purpose events focus on important issues and ensure that guests have a great experience. › Read more
Morton Massey: Top mistakes made at fundraisers
Guest blogger Morton Massey shares the mistakes he sees most often at events. › Read more
Jerry Kruse pours ice advice
Jerry Kruse, owner of The Pour Guys, was one of the first subjects of our blog. We checked in a year later to see what’s on his mind. › Read more
Check this list before listing event
After a year of loading events onto the calendar, Maria Cornelius has a Top Five checklist for content. › Read more
EventCheck Knox notches one year
EventCheck Knox celebrates its one-year anniversary this week with three numbers – 723, 216 and 185. › Read more
Friends of Literacy turns a unique page
A hot topic for event planners is themed events, but how does the conversation change when the theme is not clearly tied to the organization’s mission? › Read more
Planners find (more) resources at Visit Knoxville
From bullets to bacon, Visit Knoxville will get it done. › Read more
Name tags? I’m afraid so!
What’s your name? That is a question an attendee never should have to ask at an event. › Read more
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