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Reception to welcome UT Head Football Coach Butch Jones at the Knoxville Convention Center.

Moxley Carmichael is proud to launch what we think is going to be a must-check event calendar for planners in our community.

The credit for EventCheck Knox really belongs to Natalie Haslam, who has been frustrated by the increasing number of important fundraisers and galas that overlap. We agreed with her that it would be a wonderful service if planners could see in advance when other events were being held so they could avoid overlap, draw the people they want and each be successful.

Moxley Carmichael created EventCheck Knox to address this community need. Pilot Flying J and Moxley Carmichael are underwriting the cost of the project. We hope planners will find it useful.

As you navigate EventCheck Knox, you will find a color-coded and sortable calendar, an easy method to submit events for consideration and a link to other calendars. This site’s primary intent is to assist planners. By design it will not list every event in our community, which we explain in detail here. Our calendar focuses on fundraisers, galas, award dinners and large performances, festivals and celebrations that draw thousands of people.

Planners put a tremendous amount of work into creating, coordinating and launching events. It is very frustrating for them to invest hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars in hard costs only to find out a similar event is set for the same time. It is our intent that EventCheck Knox will help prevent this from happening.

The site is searchable by event, venue, organizer and type. For example, if you plan garden events, you can click on that color-coded item above each month on the calendar, and it will show all similar events. For this site to work well, we need to hear from planners. Please click here to complete an online submission form about your event.

We also will publish here a regular blog about timely and important topics for planners, so get ready to hear from us because we want to talk to you.

This site is designed for planners, and we look forward to making it a success together.

Cynthia Moxley, the CEO of Moxley Carmichael, knows events. She goes to scores of them every year. If she is headed to yours, have a glass of pinot grigio ready.

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