What is EventCheck? 

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Check in with EventCheck Knox

The intent of EventCheck Knox is to provide a valuable online resource for planners. From a color-coded and sortable calendar to an informative blog about planner topics, EventCheck Knox is intended to assist planners as they prepare and coordinate events.

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Take a look at the Event Calendar:

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EventCheck Knox is unique and designed especially for Knoxville-area event planners. By design, it will not include all gatherings and instead concentrates on fundraisers, galas and award dinners, plus some of the large performances, festivals and celebrations that draw thousands of people.

The EventCheck Knox calendar compiles event listings:

• That focus on building awareness, recognizing supporters and/or raising funds for charitable and nonprofit organizations, as well as arts and cultural organizations

• That include, but are not limited to, fundraisers, galas, luncheons and award dinners, both ticketed and by invitation-only

• That are attended by key target audiences in Knoxville and Knox County, such as major donors, community and business leaders and elected officials

• That are well-attended and that could pose a significant conflict to another event in the area that meets this criteria

The EventCheck Knox calendar also features event listings that may not meet this criteria but serve as an important reference to event planners because they:

• Are large performances, festivals and other celebrations that draw thousands of people and therefore could put a strain on logistics, transportation and attendance of the types of events listed above

• Are important holidays or seasonal occurrences that may also impact attendance and availability of resources

EventCheck Knox applauds all local events and appreciates any and all event planners who use this tool when selecting a date for their events. We wish everyone the best of luck with their events; however, due to the unique and targeted purpose for EventCheck Knox, the calendar does NOT list:

• Regular professional or civic club meetings

• Festivals, fairs, dinners and other events specific to groups such as churches, schools, civic clubs and neighborhood associations

• Most personal, private parties and social gatherings

• Yard sales, estate sales and antique shows

• Open mic nights, battle of the bands shows, club concerts and other musical appearances

• Food and clothing drives

• Animal adoption fairs, festivals and events

• Most sporting events, including golf tournaments

• Open houses

• Seminars and training programs

• Races such as 5K walks/runs and benefit walks

All events are listed at the discretion of the EventCheck Knox staff, and we reserve the right to omit events that we determine do not meet the criteria.

EventCheck Knox recommends that planners also review other community calendars per the list provided to check for events that may conflict with your plans for a specific target audience. Thank you and happy planning!


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