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Knoxville Opera, take a bow

Chef Matt Gallaher and his girlfriend, Caroline Farris, a jewelry maker and manager at Emilia, feted guests with the food. (Blue Streak photo)

Regular users and viewers of this calendar know that Knoxville does not lack for events. That also means there is no shortage of competition for attendees at nonprofit fundraisers.

EventCheck Knox is a site intended to help planners avoid overlap of events that appeal to the same audiences. As the site says: “Look Before You Book.”

But once a date is secured, how do you make sure tickets will sell, and, even better, sell out?

Location. Food. Entertainment. Committee leadership.

Cynthia Moxley has all the details in the Blue Streak after attending the Opera Ball. Another benefit? Happy attendees are more likely to buy tickets for your next event, too.

Read more in the Blue Streak.


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